End times

Life is hard enough without having to consider the ethics of technologies that only barely exist today. Technologies that are so primitive in comparison to the dreams and expectations of our imagination, as to be banging two pieces of plutonium together to keep warm. But the ideas and concepts of human augmentation, futurism, transhumanism and others, inveigle themselves into your life in surprising ways, and present unique challenges to our reality as we understand it.

Over the course of this work we have looked at many different ways in which we might tinker with the human condition, our bodies and minds, our paths and ventures. But it all pales in comparison to what we need now.

The world is changing, and not for the better. What methods and paradigms worked for our species in the past, do so no longer. What change we can muster, when it comes to us to allow it, is never enough, never prompt, and never complete.

We are challenged now, the future is uncertain, only through knowing ourselves, and our follies, can we hope to prosper

This ends this current theme of Human Augmentation for Trending Human; I will continue to blog, but on a much broader theme.

Thank you for reading


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