I am me, and at this rate, will only ever be me

My meat suit is me.

When I die, the energy holding my memory together will dissipate.

When my brain stops, the fundamental forces that create my personality will evaporate like it was never there.

I can make no claims as to where the energy goes; some people have… fervent beliefs on the topic, I, however, do not If there is an alternate dimension out there, the personality does not visit it.

Nor does my personality visit anywhere else during my life, sure I can imagine anything and anyone I want. However, the hard, cold fact of life is that everyone dies alone in their meat suit, unable to reach outside our senses and preconceptions to truly meld with another. While there are huge levels of commonality between individual humans, I cannot describe what yellow looks like to me, cannot explain how bad my 8/10 level of pain is compared to another persons 8. There is a boundary to our experience of reality, and the mechanisms we use to reach across the void between minds such as language while being the best we have, are pitiful in comparison to our own internal monologue.

I have commented on this briefly before in this blog, and this is the final series of posts for the human augmentation series of trending human, so I want to end with the issue I find the most interesting.

When most people imagine future human capacity, they think cyborgs, mecha suits, robotics, technological implants. Those are the least of what we can imagine, in advancing the baseline status of human we first have to look at the nature of the human condition. In this last series, I will analyse a part of being human in each post. Ranging from the physiological aspects of our existence, to how we succeed, and how we fail, and finally how we are lied to by our very existence.

I am human, this fact is immutable, but on the day that I can interface with another mind, see that the pain and joy of the world are shared by everyone, even though we can’t feel it, on that day something of the old human will step aside for the new.

That is human augmentation. Sure we can invent faster legs or more accurate eyes, chips in our brains that make learning a snap, but that’s not the goals we should be aiming for.

We should change the way we think.


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