The metabolic conundrum

I stand up, sit down, put my hands in… wait. So the mechanical act of movement is oh so critical, mostly because the pizza/remote is all the way over there and I have yet to evolve Jedi powers… sadly. So I have to get up and go and get it.

Also, you know, run away from predators, breed (Giggity), find nutrition, grow said nutrition, go searching for communities, and non-verbal communication. All crucial things that don’t at all relate to #firstworldproblems.

It all exceedingly complicated, the Krebs cycle, ATP, electrical force, and so on (ATP being metabolic energy). But that’s jut moving your arms and legs and head, how do we go about getting energy into us? Food, glorious foo… SUGAR!!!!

It’s all about the glucose folks while a full diet is needed for a healthy life, what makes you go, whether that sporting, fucking, or working, is a series of complex reactions to the intake and digestions of sugars. Sure you need other stuff, but glucose is the important one, so much so that individuals with diabetes and other diseases that muck up the pancreas lose much of their available energy.

The need for glucose is so strong it defines a large part of our psychology, not just humans but also all other mammals. We go to great lengths procure foods, and the desires that define our eating are mostly automatic, we often have no conscious control of what we crave, how much we crave, or when to stop. This has caused a great many problems in a society where food is so easily found.

How does this relate to augmentation? Bring it back to our psychology, and the mechanism of glucose. We are pre-programmed to desire foods that support our metabolism, the brain short circuits our extremely limited ability to choose and desires what it wants; there are few cognitive processes involved. So if we are looking at avenues of humanity that are maybe unhelpful is a modern society, is this one of them?

Assuming civilisation doesn’t crash (big if), and our food, economic, and social structures are maintained to provide easily attainable food, we would be a good place to change the brain in this way. Food is great, I love it, would never want to turn it away, but what if we could change the brain so it stopped wanting certain things and wanted others. What if we could consciously, or at least regulate drugs, the way our bodies stored fat, how much of our food we processed. With a fine level of control, it would be possible to tell the body consciously to stop desiring food for a short time, or even better, short circuit the natural insulin response so that dramatically less food is laid down as body fat.

How about them apples eh.


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