How you perceive time is wrong

Well, since temporal relativity has yet to be married to its quantum cousin, let’s say how you perceive time is, at best, massively unrelated to it.

Your eyesight evolved to make use of the visible light spectrum, as it did in every other creature that uses vision. No such mechanism exists for your concept of time. The brain uses complex (and fucking hard to learn about) tools to stitch together your sensory information to create the sensation of continuity. Basically what we think is the present is your brain creating 3-second bursts of continuity and stitching it to the next 3 seconds, on and on. There is no master clock in the brain that tells you what time it is, your sense of time passing is merely your brain creating a sense of continuity for you so that you can interact with the world.

Unlike eyesight, which made use of light to see, there is nothing in your sense of time that is intrinsically linked to the concepts of time. The universe could operate on a level entirely unknown to us and we would be utterly unable to notice.

…and it does.

I have trouble conceptualising some of the more… esoteric principles of quantum mechanics, and I’m not alone. There is a reason it is nearly impossible to describe the state of quantum matter in ways that we easily understand; there is no analogue. Our civilisation and perceptions contain almost no analogues for the way quantum particles behave. These particles act so strangely that we at a loss to communicate their behaviour effectively. In no meaning way can your brain interpret or makes use of the quantum realm, it is too strange to our continuous existence. Even relativity, the macro-scale theory of the universe suggested by Einstein, is hard for us to conceptualise, we can manage it because it is analogous, but it can be tough.

So what does this mean? We are violent, kind, insane, brain driven mortals who are constantly lied to by their brain.


But that’s the important part, we are a process, we are evolving, we can see where we came from and can guess where we are going. We can see what lies beneath the surface of our minds, understand the mechanisms of the brain controlling how we think and act. In the grand cosmic dance, there are not only literal new worlds to explore but figurative ones as well. What could be more exciting than playing with our perceptions, changing how we think, seeing the complexity of the universe with both eyes open. Of course, it could drive us all insane and destroy us, or at the very least make humanity unrecognisable, and, therefore, dangerous. But the potential is there, the infinite is within our grasp, and we need only grab it.


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