Conundrum Pt. 3

So, part 3, a conclusion of sorts I guess. I mean if humans are these insane flawed monkey creatures that can’t be logical or rational for an entire day, let alone an epoch, what in the name of ancient divine coping mechanisms do we do about it? Sounds like something easily reached before we plunge the planet into a state that all but confirms our own extinction and at the very least the mass extinction of this crop of genetic lineages alive today. Sure the planet will live on, hell Venus does fine all on its own (we have trouble landing probes on Venus because they melt in midair, but hey, it still exists!), mass extinctions have occurred before, and will again. Sun has a few billion years of go left in it, next lot of species will have to try and escape the rock before the suns surface extends out towards, well… Venus again.

How to plug the hole in our brains before we glass the place? Not a simple task many experts agree. Some even go as far as to espouse the virtues of machine intelligence as a way to stem the tide of our madness.

Enter the transhuman.

Importantly, the next stage of human evolution will undoubtedly be driven by technology. It’s kind of impossible to put the technology toothpaste back in the tube. In the last 100 years, we have already vastly outstripped the pace of natural selection in the way can modify ourselves.

Is that the way we leave the confines of our first home to look for another? Is the only way to save the human race to merge with an intelligence totally foreign to our own?

For this season of Trending Human, I want to explore these themes. What are the implications of human-ai hybridization, what are the roadblocks and dangers? Is it needed? Will we find a solution before it becomes necessary?

Let’s see what we can find out.


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